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We are a non-profit organization ZMO - Zusammenarbeit mit Osteuropa - Regionalverband Dresden e.V. (Germany) with the creative center "Omnibus" in Dresden-Pieschen. There are many charitable projects under this aegis. Art, culture and creativity contribute a lot to international understanding on site.


Gallery  Omnibus

Since 2010, the creative center "Omnibus" has been inviting visitors to the art exhibitions in the city of Dresden, Germany. German and international artists were presented, in this period more than 100 group and solo exhibitions have been held.

Art projects
in the 
Creative Center Omnibus

Since 2018 Creative Center Omnibus has been conducting intercultural and inclusive projects in the field of culture and art.

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Light Bear

The Omnibus virtual gallery is curated by the artist Light Bear. Light Bear is a contemporary artist, the creator of many animated films, paintings and drawings, and since 2012 has participated in more than 500 international art and film-festivals. Since 2022: LB has been an influencer on instagram (with 16,7 Tsd. followers today). LB is also the curator of many art projects at the Omnibus Creative Center (Dresden, Germany).

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We post the best works of artists on Instagram.

Gallery Omnibus have more than 11,4 Tsd. followers.

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