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Welcome to Gallery Omnibus!

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Gallery Omnibus (Germany, Dresden) is specializing at classical exhibitions, which present the works of German and international artists living in Dresden.

The online gallery with its 3D virtual exhibitions has given us the opportunity to host exhibitions featuring artists from all over the world. ​Virtual exhibitions provide an experience that is as close as possible to an actual gallery or museum visit.


Open Calls For Artists

We are always looking for new talent.

Current Exhibitions

My Animals

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November 1 - November 30, 2023

the virtual 3D exhibition

Curated by Light Bear  
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“My Animals” explores different aspects of the relationship between humans and animals.

The works either express edgy perspectives on how humans manipulate other animal species,or celebrate and appreciate animals for being the miraculouscreatures that we can recognise so much of ourselves in.


Klára Vavřičková • Elena Anufrieva • Bianca Turner • Tomas Lagunavicius • Yuanfang Wang • Beilei Ning • Beth Nguyen • ABEL Sylvie • Gillian Mather • Jesper Krijgsman • Sonja Holm • Kelly Harwell • Julie Reid • Elizabeth de Broise • Faye Waddington • Summer Dawes • VARYA WITLIN • Sango • Kath Orsman • Tanya Bentham • Nancy Hart


Lilly Foster-Eardley • Igal Stulbach • Helen Birnbaum • Jane Dickins • Megan Howard • Elizabeth King • Lewis Storey • Carol Wortley • Ali Fife Cook • Natalja Murkhashimova-Tatarinova • maria faini • Nicholas Patterson • Gaby Roter • Nicola Hill • Sara Hood •  Elizabeth St.Clair • Yula Kim • Gillian Probert • Dimitra Xenaki • Cesar Ceballos • Michael Knight • Mehrdad Sedaghat Baghbani • Lisa Banks • Mary Pascoe • Klaudia Leja • Fariba Katebifar • Light Bear



ZMO – Regionalverband Dresden e.V./ Kreativzentrum Omnibus / Großenhainer Str. 99 / 01127 Dresden

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